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Make your own original markings using Yokohama Canvas Bag Products!

Why not create your own marking products by stamping your own mark on Yokohama canvas bag products for friends in a club or circle, as a commemorative item for a celebration, or as an original product for your store? We can make it for you from just one piece.
The cost of stamping the mark will be charged according to the size of the mark (area: length and width). (*Please refer to the table below for stamp production costs.) Marking can be done by replacing the 045 mark with Shachihata TAT ink, or it can be done in a different location from the 045 mark.
*Please note that we may not have the product you are looking for in stock. Please fill out the application form below to apply or inquire.
(*Prices vary depending on quantity. Please refer to the price list below.)

<Price list for marking stamps>

The design of the mark to be made into a stamp is basically monochrome data provided as an Illustrator data file, but if you are unable to provide a data file and would like to provide a monochrome image, an additional 5,000 yen (excluding tax) will be charged for data processing. We also accept requests for mark design production, but depending on the work involved, this may cost anywhere from 10,000 to several tens of thousands of yen. Details will be quoted separately.

The cost of stamp production varies depending on the area of ​​the mark design (length x width in mm).